Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the financial risk to my community?

A: None, Global Traffic Group covers all start up costs and resources.

Q: Will this program be a strain on my resources?

A: No, Police resources are already strained and are not capable of being in all places at all times. Global Traffic Group can provide a quick and efficient service that will make a positive difference.

Q: What services does Global Traffic Group offer?

A: Global Traffic Group offers speed, fixed red light, portable red light and stop sign, speed on green, pedestrian crossing, distracted driving, railway crossing, and bus lane safety enforcement.

Q: Does Global Traffic Group come into my community and dictate the course of action?

A: No, Global Traffic Group works with and takes direction from the local Police of Jurisdiction.

Q: Does Global Traffic Group have any new programs/technology available in the near future?

A: Global Traffic Group is always looking at new technology to improve our current traffic safety programs.

Q: How does my community get started?

A: Please contact us at 780.987.4949 or