At Global Traffic Group we have our own research and development team that work night and day to develop custom solutions for our communities. All of our enforcement solutions are certified by a professional engineering firm and meet the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards. We feel that with our state of the art technology we can offer your community services like no other. Contact us today to discuss further.

GSCS (Global Safety Camera System):

This system brings together the best possible Lidar, Digital camera, and tablet computer. We have found this system to be very effective from both a traffic safety perspective and a weather perspective. The GSCS is a supervised system capable of recognizing vehicles in violation of the speed limit and recording the violation through the use of a combination of detector(s) and camera units.


Our new generation GSCS units (G2) are battery operated, are approximately 1 cubic foot in size and weigh approximately 15lbs. This ultra portable Lidar based system can be operated out of various types of road side boxes or temporarily mounted on an existing post or pole.